Reflectors come in all shapes and sizes: Wings, parabolas, dishes, closed, open, covered, uncovered – the choices are almost too much for the modern grower to navigate – and that’s not even discussing air-cooled versus not. The one simple trick that most commercial growers know, that most smaller growers do not, is that regular replacement of reflectors is far more cost effective then spending a fortune on a flashy reflector and leaving it up for two years untouched.


Modern HID lighting is very powerful, so powerful in fact that it actually breaks down reflectivity in even the highest quality Aluminum from the moment it’s switched on. The degradation is such that regularly replacing reflectors is a viable strategy that gives a solid return in large gardens where the small individual efficiency drops add up to massive PAR loss across the canopy. Most people don’t change reflectors often because of the cost, which is exactly our point: Make the reflectors more affordable and gardeners will replace them more regularly.

Features: (Double ended Reflector)


-Suitable for Double Ended 600/750/1000 watt HPS lamps,

  1000w/600w Double Ended MH, 315/630 Double Ended CMH

-Dimensions: 20''Lx 16''Wx 6''H (500L x 400W x 140H mm)

-15FT power cord #16/3C ST 600V , With 3Pin Plug

-Pebble Design finish, aluminum reflector material

-K12x30s lamp holder, 3KV

-Powder Coated Frame

-Two hangers included

Features: (Single Ended Reflector)


-Dimensions:21'' Lx 15''W x  6''H (530L x 380W x 140H mm)

-Pebble finished design / aluminum reflector material

-15FT power cord #16/3C ST 600V , With 3 Pin Plug

-E39, 6KV, 600V, 1500W, lamp holder

-Accepts: Sodium 250,400, 600,1000W

- Halide 250,400, 600,1000W

-Two hangers included.

-Powder coated socket assembly

SE & DE Wing Reflectors

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