TONKA Grow Products was founded by a small team of experienced indoor commercial gardeners who felt that marketing and gimmicks had overtaken expertise and value as the driving force in most commercial garden supply companies and that a ‘back to basics’ approach was needed.


In our eyes ‘value’ is a simple equation: You take the cost of the equipment add the cost of running that equipment for it’s projected lifetime versus how much it produces over that time. Generally speaking; the longer a product can perform, the cheaper it effectively is and it’s a fact that older and more mature technologies outlast the latest trends every, single, time.


At TONKA our philosophy is centered on selecting the most robust, predictable and reliable legacy technologies across the indoor gardening landscape and developing them in a simple direction: Longer lasting, cost effective commercial grade products that have been designed in conjunction with commercial growers in order to ensure their effectiveness in high turnover, high yield production gardens.


This is reflected in our name: ‘TONKA’ which is taken from the language of the Dakota Sioux meaning ‘great’ or ‘large’.  

-Tonka Growing Products

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